Why “From sex to superconsciousness” book became famous- Osho

Osho wrote around 300 books but among all the books the widely acclaimed book of Osho is “From Sex to superconsciousness”. Osho mentioned during one of his interview that he had written so many books but the book that became famous is ” From Sex to superConsciousness “. He mentioned that it was read by many religious people and was widely criticized. Though the book mainly states about consciousness, meditation and superconsciousness, the emphasize was on sex. Osho stated that The word sex is repressive in most of the religion. In western culture, the word “sex” is replaced with “making love”. While love and sex are not same. They are different.

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Sex is the main reason of birth and death. Due to sex, we are born and once we are born,we are bound to die. Everything is connected in this universe. Death and birth in the universe is due to sexual energy. Both death and sex are afraid in most of the cultures. Neither One can be born without sexual energy nor One can be immortal. when sex happens, for a moment, all ego and disparity between the couple disappears. The orgasm takes away ego and disparity. In the book Osho mentioned how to transcendent from sexual energy to meditation. He mentioned that though most of the time he spoke about love and meditation but the focus was on sex.
As Osho mentions that there is no need to repress anything in life. If you repress, it will resurface on your mind. Repression is not a solution and same is for sex.

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