Sexual Energy and spirituality- Osho theory

Sexual energy is one of the intense form of energy. In many parts of world, speaking about sex openly is a social taboo. But if we contemplate, all forms of existence is due to sexual energy. Sexual energy is the basic of creation. Our existence is due to sex. 

Osho mentioned in his book that the theory of celibacy came in to existence only after Mahaveer and Buddha. Before them, all the sages had a comfortable life with all freedom of living a family life. Even when they were in forest, their loved one was always with them. They meditated and also followed the path of spirituality among their loved one. Sex cannot be sin than there can be no great sinner than God. God created the existence. Even when a flower blooms, the pollen of the flower is transferred by bee to give rise to another plant or flower. 

Is sex a sin?

Sex is not a sin but proper cultivation of sexual energy is necessary in spirituality. There are various ethical codes in spirituality and each ethical codes give rise to virtues. Proper cultivation of sexual energy give rise to the virtue of self reflection. In many parts of world, sex before marriage is not encouraged because it is one of the easiest form of taking the karma of one’s partner. The more the partner, the more karmas achieved. So, it is considered sacred only after marriage. Nowadays, the social media and other influence misleads the youth and in many instances, it encourages the youth in sex with multiple partner but youth of the world must understand every action has consequences and one must be ready for it.

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