Significance of erotic temples- Osho theory

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Erotic sculptures of temples is always a debatable topic. Hindu temples like khajuraho, Konark have erotic sculptures embedded in it’s external walls. But it is a question that why the hindu temples show erotic sculptures when temples are for spirituality. There can be many reasons to contemplate and the conclusions can be innumerable.

However, till today, when a couple wants children, they visit those temples. The erotica has the ability to provoke the hidden desire of a childless couple. It provokes the sexuality of the couple. And finally the energy has the capability to bless couple with children. But the artist who chiseled the stone for years to make a beautiful sculpture definitely constructed it with a multitude of thoughts. It cannot be so simple.

Osho mentioned in his book, “Learning to silence the mind” that there is a delicate line between pornography and beauty. A naked man and woman can be a boon of beauty. They are the glorious product of nature. It turns into a porn only if it provokes your sexuality. This is the only criterian.

Osho mentioned that the erotic sculptures in hindu temples can also be the object of meditation. The sculptures are on the external wall of the temple. It shows that one needs to meditate on the naked man and woman sculptures before entering the temple. If it doesn’t provoke your sexual desire then one can enter the temple. It shows you are free from the desires and then only you can experience the divine.

There can be multiple reasons for constructing the sculptures but one must understand the depth of the subject. Superficially it can be erotic but when we contemplate, question arises that if it is so simple.

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