Why India has no great scientist like Einstein

India was known as the golden bird of east or Sone ka chidiya. It is a country with rich resources and minerals.  India has maximum population than any other countries in the world. But India never produced great scientist like Albert Einstein and philosopher like Kant Immanuel. If we interpret deeply, Mathematics and the theory of zero was discovered in India. Plants have life is discovered in India. There are genius and intellectuals across India. But still no one became famous like Kant and Einstein.

Why India has no great scientist?- Osho theory

The reason is India never searched for objective research.  Indians always searched for higher truth and consciousness. It is the land of mystics and sages. They opened the door to spirituality. Divinity is filled in the atmosphere of India. The sages and mystics attained ultimate consciousness and their vibration is still in the air. It is the spiritual unity that give rise to different cultures and religions in India. There is a certain divine vibration in India which cannot be captured but felt. These vibrations created a certain atmosphere in India. Still now when life is so busy, people seeks for higher truth to consciousness. So when you visit India You need to perceive India. While other countries can be seen, India should be perceived.
There are so many tales on spirituality written by great sages. From Mahabharata to vedas, there are plethora of books that throws light on the quality of living life.

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