Role and importance of Rahu in astrology

In vedic astrology, Rahu is illusion. Rahu is magic – anything that can fool people. Rahu is visual reality, gadgets and software, digital things, video and electronic things. Rahu shows future karma. Rahu is unexpected result. Rahu is an outcast planet and behaves mysteriously. Rahu is a rebel and always tries to find shortcut. Thieves,robbers are Rahu. Anything material is Rahu.

Role and Importance of Mars in astrology

Mars is the physical and mental strength of every person. If moon and mercury are well placed , the native with strong mars never faces dilemma in taking decisions.

Mars in Pisces in all houses

Mars is our will power, action, courage, ability to fight, aggression, anger, accident, weapons, athlete, real estate, soldiers, male friends etc. Jupiter rules the twelfth zodiac sign Pisces in astrology . Pisces represents spirituality, imagination, isolation, foreign place, hidden talents, working behind the scenes, other dimension etc. Pisces consist of two and half nakshatra- Purva-Bhadrapada, …

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Mars in Aquarius in all houses

The native may not feel comfortable in large organization. S/he can be an entrepreneur and take up their own business

Mars in Scorpio in all houses

The native wants to dig deep into occult and mysticism. The native with mars in Scorpio shows extensive research in different field.

Mars in Libra in all houses

The native earns from speculative business and entrepreneurship. The native is aggressive about income but can be a spendthrift.

Mars in Virgo in all houses

As mars action is impulsive in nature the native needs to be careful in medical field and avoid any impulsive decisions. Mars in Virgo also shows a strong drive for sex.

Mercury in Aries in all houses

In Vedic astrology, Mercury represents speech, communication skill, marketing, younger siblings, hobbies, quick decision making, youthfulness, logical thinking. Aries is competition, aggressiveness, fighting ability, athlete, physical action. The lord of Aries is mars. Mars is all about aggression, fighting ability, will power. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in Aries in all houses in …

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