Timing of job in Vedic astrology

Mahadasha and antardasha plays an important part in our career. Whatever Mahadasha we go through, the characteristics of the planet shows the career we will choose. For example: If someone is running a Jupiter Mahadasha , the person can be a teacher / preacher. Mahadasha also plays an important role in rise of career, status.

Mercury in Sagittarius in all houses

The person loves to share more knowledge and information. They are communicative about religion and philosophy so they can be teacher, religious gurus and preachers. They are forever teacher and students who gains lot of knowledge. The person loves to travel and communicate with people of different ethnicity.

Mercury in Scorpio in all houses

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio can give interest in occult, mysticism. Scorpio is the sign of occult and mercury is curious to know about occult. Mercury can collect a lot of information in occult and can research in occult and mysticism. So the person can be a god astrologer and occultist as mercury is the significator of astrology.

Mercury in Libra in all houses

The person can be a good businessman, they have a balanced way of communication. They can be good salesman too.

How important are degrees in horoscope

Today we are going to read about the importance of degrees of a horoscope. Every planet in horoscope has certain degree. Degrees are very important as it helps to analyse how much strength a planet has.

Exalted Mercury in Virgo in all houses

Mercury in Virgo is very comfortable so mercury gives good intelligence and analytical skill to the native. The person can be a good accountant, auditor and can also associate

Mercury in Leo in all houses

Leo is the fifth sign of zodiac belt ruled by Sun. Leo is a sign of ego, self esteem, creativity, education, sports, hobbies, trading, romantic affairs etc. Wherever sign of Leo is placed it shows that you want authority related to the activities of the house provided there is no malefic impact.

Mercury in Cancer in all houses

Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, logical and analytical thinking, younger siblings, hobbies, skills, intelligence, quick decision making, youthfulness. Cancer is the fourth sign of zodiac belt ruled by Moon. It is a sign of emotion, mother, nourishment of mother etc. Cancer consist of two and half nakshatra namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Here is the …

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What is a horoscope?

What is a horoscope? Horoscope is the 12 division of the sky. In India, three types of chart are followed–North Indian, South Indian and East Indian. North Indian charts are mainly used though all types of charts interpret the same thing.These are the twelve blocks that you can see in the below chart. Each block …

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Mercury in Gemini in all houses

These people are communicative. They know to speak the right thing in right time. They are articulate in communication. They have

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