Jupiter in all houses

Jupiter is one of the largest planet in solar system. It is also one of the most benefic planet in vedic astrology. The planet Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality. Jupiter is exalted in cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. The planet rules Sagittarius and Pisces. A strong Jupiter helps …

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Moon in aries makes a person aggressive and go getter in his attitude. They can be violent if it is malefic or afflicted by malefics. They are action oriented and love taking actions. They do not take much time in making decisions and sometimes they are impulsive too. They are physically active and love to …


Mercury in all houses

In vedic astrology, Mercury also known as “buddhi” is the karaka of communication. Mercury represents analytical intelligence, speech, marketing and communication, business, trade, tongue, writing, reading, memory, drama , acting, skills of hands. Mercury is the prince and messenger who loves to communicate and circulate information. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in all …

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Moon in all houses in vedic astrology

In vedic astrology moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. It is the emotional response or emotional attachment of people to surroundings. Placement of moon shows interest of the native. Moon is a very gentle and receptive planet. So if moon is with Saturn then Saturn will impact your mind. Like that …

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Sun in all houses in vedic astrology

Sun is the biggest star in the solar system. Sun in vedic astrology is malefic to some extent. But in astrology Sun is the representation of physical body, health, our soul, ego, confidence, authority, father, pride, ego, bones, happiness. Besides that, Sun is also government, authority, career, fame, success, politics. The own sign of Sun …

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In vedic astrology capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign that indicates career, fame, law and order, authority, organisation. Capricorn is ruled by saturn. Saturn is law, order fear and anxiety. Sun in Capricorn These people are fearful of law and order, so they always abide by the rules, they are disciplined and organised too. Due …


Sun in Leo in vedic astrology

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and represents creativity, stage performance, education, arts, hobbies, speculative business. The ruler of Leo is Sun. The nakshatra controlling sun are magha, purvaphalguni, uttarphalguni. One thing to be noted about Leo is whichever planet is placed in Leo it wants to feel comfortable, royal and admired. The Lord of …

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Sun in cancer in vedic astrology

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign ruled by moon. As per kalpurush kundali, cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and moon represents mother, emotions and mind. Sun is the soul so Sun in cancer makes a person very emotional. He has an emotional personality or attitude. Sun represents father so person has an emotional attachment …

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Sun in Taurus in all houses

In Vedic astrology, Taurus rules the second house of family, family wealth, family assets, family values. Venus rules the sign of Taurus. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun in Taurus in all houses in Vedic astrology Click here to buy Sun god from amazon- vastu tips Sun in Taurus When sun is placed in …

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Sun in Aries in all houses

The person can travel for higher education especially technology sector. The person can get strongly involved with government. It can shows a good character of the person. Father can be in government or in the field of law administration or father can be principle of school.

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