Attachment- The core of human existence

In spirituality, attachment to material wisdom is an ailment. In material wisdom, our shadripu (anger, desire, greed, arrogance, infatuation, jealousy) plays a great role to create bondage to material world which give rise to attachment. But not to forget, our surroundings plays a great role while we attach to something. When we accompany people running in the rat race of competition we become competitive. Similarly, when we accompany people who hankers after wealth, accumulation of wealth becomes important in our life. Attachment to materials are never ending desires. When we accompany people indulging themselves in spirituality and wellbeing, we dive into the realm of spirituality. So, our surrounding always impacts our way of seeking goals. But attachment is not unnecessary in this world.

What if a mother stops feeding her child because she is detached. When a mother is attached to her child, she always prays for the child wellbeing, she prays that death should surpass her before the child.This is an attachment of a mother to the child. This form of attachment are close to divine attachment. It is an attachment of pure love and affection.

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Attachment in Ramyana

In Ramayana, when Lord Rama had to spend days without Sita, he recalled the days he spent with Sita in forest. The flowing river, the flowers, the nature reminded him of Sita. He lamented that he doesn’t want even heaven without Sita . Without Sita, he is like a Nagmani (snake with diamond embedded in head) without diamond. He asked his brother Lakshman that if Rahu had eclipsed Sita in disguise as she was so beautiful and illuminating. Or while Sita was walking through the lotus garden, the lotus garden disguised Sita as one of them. He wondered if the mother earth took away Sita from him as Ram lost his kingdom. He lamented to Lakshman that though he lost his kingdom, the queen of the kingdom accompanied him till then. Loosing Sita in forest fulfilled the desire of his step mother Kaikeyi.

The lament of Ram in Ramayana shows his deep love and affection for Sita. His deep love towards Sita lead to a war. It is impossible to go through the journey of life for Ram to seek Sita without attachment. So, a feeling of attachment grow with everyone of us. Attachment leads to love and love leads to union. Union is the only process due to which human race survived. The transformation of human race is only possible through union. Each and every living creature thriving on earth is due to union. Without attachment there is no union and without union, there is no life and without life there is no existence. Attachment is always important in this world till the human race continues.

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