Detailed analysis of aspect of Rahu in astrology

Detailed analysis of aspect of Rahu in astrology

Rahu represents illusion, foreign land, foreign things, drugs, medicines, fame, wealth, success, obsession, movies, television, grandfather, grandmother, scientist, innovator, demonic possession, snake charmer, insects, bugs, fertilizers, pesticides, poisons, drugs, graveyard, bars, politician, mysterious diseases, gambling,death, darkness. The main qualities of Rahu is enmity, diseases and debts. Here is the detailed analysis of aspect of Rahu in vedic astrology.

Rahu in astrology- Role and importance

Aspects of Rahu:

Rahu has three aspects – fifth house, seventh house and ninth house from its position.

Rahu is basically the illusion. So Rahu in a certain house represents illusion related to that house. The person may not get clarity regarding the house. Rahu in 9th house shows illusion regarding higher education, wisdom, gurus.

There are several theories regarding special fifth and ninth aspect of Rahu. The theories are mentioned below

  1. Rahu has its special aspect of fifth and ninth house because fifth and ninth houses are dharma houses. It is also the house of knowledge and education so only dharma and education can remove the illusion of a person. So Rahu will give illusion wherever it sits but the fifth and ninth aspects of Rahu will help to break the illusion. For example: If rahu is in 2nd house, it shows the person can have illusion regarding his. her family, family wealth but Rahu aspects 6th house of daily work routines, obstacles and tenth house of career, father. So it shows responsibilities of career, father will shatter the illusion of wealth and family.
  2. Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu, and Ketu. So Rahu get the aspects of Jupiter.

Interpretation of aspects

Fifth and ninth aspect of Rahu

Rahu is illusion. So placement of Rahu in any house gives illusion related to the activities of the individual house.  But the 5th and 9th aspect of Rahu helps to get rid of illusion through wisdom, knowledge and realization. The ninth aspect of Rahu also shows mastering the activities related to the house.

Rahu in 5th house can make one extremely creative and helps to gain fame. At the same time, the fifth aspect of Rahu on ninth house shows that the native will get a Guru who will give him wisdom of getting rid of illusion of fame. Ninth aspect of Rahu on first house also make the native believe strongly in destiny.

He may feel that he has not done anything but destiny did everything for him. So he want to master on this thought process that it is all destined and he will try to keep himself grounded.

Again if Rahu is  in 7th house the person may have illusion regarding relationship and marriage at early stage but its 5th and 9th aspect shows that at later stage, the person starts working for self and higher self purpose. On the other hand, he understands that relationship is illusion.


Seventh aspect of Rahu

Ketu is opposite or seventh to Rahu. Hence, Placement of Ketu shows isolation or seclusion from the activities related to the house.  On the other haand, Rahu gives illusion or obsession to the activities related to  the house. Hence, Seventh aspect of Rahu suffers from tug of war due to ketu.

Dignity of Rahu

Rahu is illusion. So, Rahu changes itself as per the zodiac sign it is placed. Rahu in Pisces may act like Jupiter, in Gemini may act like Mercury. If Rahu conjunct with any planet, then Rahu will take up the qualities of the other planet.

Rahu in Taurus:
Exalted but can have illusion regarding wealth and money.
Rahu In Leo:
Exalted as the person become highly creative.
Rahu in Aquarius:
Does well as it is its own moolatrikona sign.
Rahu in Scorpio:
Debilitated as the person can have excessive fear of chaotic events. they can be mystic.
Rahu in Libra, Saggitarius, Pisces, gemini, Virgo , Cancer:
Benefic, does well.
Rahu in Aries and Capricorn:
Can be rough if Saturn and Mars are not well placed. At the same time, we need to consider the sign of Aquarius while analyzing Rahu as it is the moolatrikona sign.

Rahu matures at the age of 42 so result can be favorable from the age of 42.

Conjunction of Rahu

When Rahu conjunct with other planet it shows past life left over karma. Rahu with Saturn shows past life karma related to father, career . It shows pending karma of past life.

What are the remedies for Rahu

Worshipping Goddess Durga and chanting Rahu mantra can mitigate the effect of Rahu.

Feeding cats can also mitigate Rahu effect.

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