Energy beyond science

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved


Since ages, from great scholars to sages believed in energies. There are plethora of theories and experiments conducted on energies. The word energy somewhere relates to strength, power, activation etc. But there is a world which believes on energy beyond science- energies that are beyond our understanding. While a vast universe is still there to explore, very few can deny that there are no other energies besides energies proven scientifically. Even the world’s best scientist can discover a completely different form of energy tomorrow.

Cosmic world- Energy beyond Science

In the field of  cosmic world, there are different energies that we can perceive if we are aware of it. While few believed that their meditation helped them to get rid of negative energies from themselves as well as surroundings, few believed that  constant meditation and Sadhana can take them to a different realm. They come across different entities who tries to communicate. The tantric believe that it doesn’t take much time to instigate an evil spirit while you seek for God. Spirits can lure or misguide you in the process of attaining salvation.
Few historians believed that energies can be channelized just by footsteps.
The Angkor watt temple in Cambodia is known among archaeologist for it’s power to channelize a certain form of positive energy in a particular direction within the temple. The fact they explored is quite interesting. It is said that the circumambulation in the temple by thousand devotees every year channelized the energy and the energy direction is literally measured.

Many historians also believe that energy lies in caves. While many sages meditated in caves for years and many lived as refugees, historian believes that the walls of the cave have certain energy that can transcend the mind.
When we go through the experience of people and their thoughts, it seems interesting that there can be indeed a different world of energies- energies that needs to be perceived or energies that are beyond our perception.

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