Freedom and equality

Freedom and equality cannot be same. When our five fingers are unequal then how five people can be equal. If you try to make two individual equal, you have to cut one or other perspective of another individual. It cannot be done without suppression. All individual are unique with different perspectives. Suppression brings equality. When you snatch the liberty, all becomes equal. So equality and freedom are never same.

Equality can be summoned by dictatorship but freedom cannot. And once freedom is snatched, it cannot be restored. Because the greed of snatching freedom restrict the dictator from providing freedom again. Freedom is the liberty given to every individual. When you are in a relationship with someone, it is your freedom that you are in relationship with the desired person. When you lead a life you desire, it is your freedom. A society is formed when you make relationship freely with other individual. Freedom reduces inequality.

In a society, every individual should be free to think and act. A good act can be done only with a group of individual who has individuality while an evil act needs a group of faceless crowd. Equality comes only under slavery but freedom to act, freedom to think is liberty. Freedom should be the basic right of every individual. If one has the freedom to reach the peak of success, at the same time other person has the right to not reach the peak. Freedom is no bondage, it is the right but once freedom is attained, one should be responsible enough to utilize freedom. One should have their own individuality so that they can think and act better.

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