Soul transfer and existence

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

If we believe in theory of reincarnation, there can be instances when the planet earth can be destroyed and all of us die. Then where all the souls will go? If all die, there will be no womb for rebirth.Here we should not forget that the universe in vast. There are 5 million planets in the universe where life exists. As per science, energy remains constant. It can never happen that energy of each soul or body vanishes after death. So, the souls will find a way to the planet where life exists. There can be nothing very strange about it.

As per science, there is black hole. It is said that when any planet or even sun come across black hole, it disappears as the black hole sucks it. With the concept of black hole, now the science is also telling about white hole that can give rise to new planets. Everyday one or other planet dies in the universe so earth can also die one day. Everyday there can be new planets formed in the universe. The existence is a mystery. Nothing is permanent in existence. It can also happen that the soul get transferred to more intelligent beings than human. They can be in the state of superconsciousness. Even scientist believes that there can be more intelligent beings than human as human can be less that 1% of existence.

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