Chanakya and chanakya neeti

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Chanakya also known as Kautilya is one of the greatest scholar in the history of India. The father of Chankaya was a teacher. As a father, he tried his best to provide best education ro Chanakya. The surprising fact about Chanakya is he was born with 32 teeth. From childhood, he was a genius and was also known as Kautilya. He studied in Takshila university and was known for his intelligence. When he was a teacher of the university, he heard the nand dynasty king Ghananand impose  unjustified taxes on civilians. He left his job and went to Pataliputra(currently Patna) to stop unjustified taxes. He was frank and spoke to Ghananand on the matter but the king dismissed and expelled him from his minister forum.

Chanakya was angry on the king not for his personal grudge but for the welfare of people. This instance shows the virtue of a wise man.
Chanakya meet Chandragupta and later he defeated the nanda dynasty.
It is also believed that Chanakya was not good looking due to which Ghananand didn’t listen to Chanakya.

Chanakya Neeti

In this matter, he wrote several times in Chanakya Neeti that good look doesn’t matter if you are intellectual. Like a scholar can analyse solar and lunar eclipse without reaching space, likewise an intellectual can read a subject or others thought without questioning.Chanakya also mentioned importance of saving wealth and it’s usefulness in old age.

He mentioned that though one can accumulate wealth but it doesn’t guarantee that it will help one in adverse situations as Lakshmi and wealth, both are moving.Chanakya was always against hoarding. He said in chanakya neeti that nothing excessive is good. Excessive beauty of Sita attracted Ravana. Excessive ego of Ravana lead to his death. Bali lost everything due to his excessive generosity.

He also mentioned about how people can be handled based on their weakness in Chanakya neeti . For example  Greedy people can be allured easily, foolish can be allured by fulfilling their desires. So weakness and need are the two factors that can control human. Weakness and need are also part of shadripus.

Chankya mentioned in chanakya Neeti about how we can learn from every creature in the living world. Every animals, from lion to donkey, each  possess supreme qualities and  we should imbibe qualities of courage, patience,loyalty from such animals. In short chanakya Neeti is all about handling situations and life with grace and courage.

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