How to find Spirituality in cinema

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved


An entertainment that cannot be missed- cinemas, have an impeccable impression on our minds. There may be innumerable and uncountable scenes in the movies which overflowed us with emotions of joy, tears and excitement.  While now, many prefer to watch cinemas after dinner on bed holding their tiny mobile, earlier the black and white TV used to be the source of entertainment.

Spirituality in cinema

When Cinema played for centuries in our heart, it can definitely be a source of spirituality. Spirituality lies when in a good cinema, the simple dialogues can be perceived deeply.

When in one cinema it shows how to live happily when you can count your day of death,  few showed how to enjoy life by travelling. Few showed how to respect parents and be with them at their old age, few showed war for love. Few showed how good overruled evil, few still left the suspense if evil can win over the good. When there can be negativity in cinemas, few cinemas especially old ones are extremely enjoyable if we understand the underneath meaning. We need to perceive the Cinema through its dialogues and within moments you will find a sense of pleasure and inner happiness. Good content of cinemas are meant to be mindful and sensible. They are meant to be impactful and exciting.You understand the reality of life when impactful scenes pierces your mind. You question yourself, self affirm yourself.

When negative scenes for seconds can impact people strongly, good scenes with good thoughts takes time to implement. There is no easy way to goodness because anxiety, stress, fear, jealousy will always be there to mould the goodness to bitter.

Lastly fragment of good thoughts can always be perceived within your surrounding. You just need to be aware and welcoming.

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