Concentration and contemplation – Osho theory

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientist could not remember simple calculation as he was dealing with complex calculation. When a conductor of a bus returned him a change, he couldnot calculate if the change given was correct. He handed over the change to his wife and checked with her if the change given was correct. She reassured that it was correct. Socretes, a great philosopher once stood in snow with eyes closed.

People took him to room and wake him up. He said he was contemplating on a subject and he analysed the theory partially. Now he is awake and couldn’t complete it. Osho mentioned all the instances in his book, ‘Learning to silence the mind’. He enlightened the readers with the functioning of mind. He mentioned that there is a difference between concentration and contemplation. Concentration narrow down the mind, it is like narrowing the mind to a point and that point is your focus.

Once you focus, you explore something new. While contemplation is on a subject, it is subjective compared to concentration. While Einstein was a scientist, he concentrated on his subject. And Socretes, a philosopher, contemplated on his theories.Osho mentioned that the game of mind is concentration and contemplation. We do it all the time but we need to witness the mind. That will be the end of the game and flying high even if everything falls.

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