Cosmic chemistry-all is one

Osho theory

Cosmic chemistry is one of the theory implemented by Giorgio Picardio. The theory states that the whole universe is one. By whole universe he means every individual, living creature, space, all are one. If one gets impacted then the entire universe gets impacted. Scientifically, we can conclude the same in food chain. If one animal becomes extinct in food chain, the entire chain becomes disoriented. There are enormous instances of this theory. Our eco system is getting impacted due to every individual and there is nothing different.

Cosmic energy and planets

Cosmic energy says that the entire universe is a single body and when there is some turbulence or changes taking place far from us, our energy also changes. Water plays a great role in it. Water is a significant example which gets impacted due to moon. The high tide and low tide in ocean is due to moon. The water is highly impacted by the lunar calendar. And when our body comprises of 70 percent water, it is impossible that our body doesn’t get impacted due to moon. The moon calendar is called lunar calendar while an insane is called lunatic. Our mental state is strongly connected to moon and the word “lunatic” comes from lunar calendar. There is a strong connection with the position of the moon and our mental state.Record states that most of the mental patient are admitted in mental hospital in full moon day.

The position of sun also impacts the human body, it is found that turbulence or atomic storm in Sun lead to thinner blood. While pregnant woman has thinner blood but Giorgio Picardio found that blood of man also becomes thinner due to atomic storm or turbulence in space. While scientist Paracleus found that increase in sunspot in Sun increases illness in earth.

It is also astonishing that sun and moon are the only illuminating planets and they have a significant contribution for the growth of all living organism in our planet. Change in the position of the sun and moon impacts the universe. Their change in frequency or vibration lead to changes within the body of organisms.

Reference: Astrology: superstition, blind faith or door to essential by Osho

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