How to lead a life of an ascetic

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While many say that one need to renounce the material world which can be true but ascetic life can also be lead within material wisdom. When one can lead life with contentment without distraction even in material world, it is a sign of leading an ascetic life.

One of the greatest difficulty of leading a life of an ascetic is doing nothing. While in daily activities, most of the people are stressed out due to family and job preasure but at the same time it is impossible for many to do nothing entire day.

Doing nothing means one should not have ripple of thoughts in mind. Doing nothing doesn’t mean contemplation or thoughts in mind and sitting with lotus posture. It means empty mindedness. Shoonya meditation or empty mindedness is also followed by aghoris. It is one of the hardest meditation technique but it is a technique for immense spiritual growth.

Actually emptiness is always there in our mind. Our mind is a collection of thoughts and between each thoughts there is a gap. That moment or that gap is the emptiness.
For example: you are thinking of cooking and then to go for work. So between two thoughts- cooking and going to work, there is a momentary gap. While we focus on that gap, our mind becomes empty or blank and free from thoughts.

That’s when you become “the meditation”.
But though it sounds easy but following it can be challenging. As we involve ourselves daily in different activities, attaining such state of mind needs practice. It is also important that we should control our shadripus. It is not necessary to meditate always sitting but it can also be done without sitting.
Besides meditation, a healthy diet, strict daily routine are the basic requirements for leading an ascetic life.

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