How to reach Buddhaland

Osho theory

Once one monk travelled for years to meet Buddha. Finally one day he came to know that he can meet Buddha by just crossing a river. He was ecstatic that he finally found a way to meet Buddha. He asked people if he can get a ferry or boat to go to the other side of river. The river was wide. People said that no one goes to the other side of river because no one returns back from other side.

The monk was desperate and had no other way but to swim across the river. While swimming, he found a dead corpse floating on the river. He tried to escape the corpse but it was tricky. The dead corpse was slowly approaching towards him and as it approached nearer, he found that the corpse was of a Buddhist monk with shaved head and red ochre. As it comes closer, he found that it is his corpse floating on the river. He started laughing and slowly the corpse floated away along with his ego and desire. When he returned he was a new soul with no ego and desire. And when one leave their ego and desire, they find the path towards divinity. They find consciousness and enlightment.

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