Is religion important for humanity

If we calculate across globe, there are plethora of religion across world. There are large number of spiritual practices and there are so many paths to merge with one energy. With time, many religions died and many expanded. But is religion important for humanity?

The answer is both yes and No- Osho theory

If we see the trees, birds, they donot have any religion. Two trees growing side by side never ask for each other’s religion. Birds flying together do not have religion. The river flowing through the earth gives water to all the beings without asking for religion. Sun loved earth so much that every organism gets sunlight. Examples are many then why human need religion. They do not need religion. Finally everyone has to merge with one cosmic energy irrespective of religion. You can move towards the path of heaven or he’ll with an average person or a beggar or a celebrity. Alexander, the great and mystic Diogenes moved towards heaven together as they died on the same day. Politics is mean sometimes. There are so many wars fought for religion. Nothing significant is gained from those wars.

On the other hand, we cannot say that religion is insignificant. Religion and religious faith enlighten us. Human has a strong belief system unlike trees and birds. Our beliefs turns to faith and faith turns to reality. Our mind has so many layers before we reach enlightment or consciousness. Humans need to experience and then their experience turns to belief and faith. The religious books shows a path towards divinity and spirituality. It strengthens our mind and soul. It opens the path towards spirituality Through the path of religion, we meet devotion and then meditation.

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