Learning from Kant Immanuel

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

While I was reading one of the Osho book, “learning to silence the mind”, I came across interesting stories of great people. Though Osho tried to make the audience understand the state of mind but I learned that every big personality has a unique side that can be humorous for many.

In the book, Osho mentioned about Kant Immanuel, a great philosopher, who hates to even spend a single moment in mundane activities of life. Being a philosopher, he always tried to contemplate on his subject.

Once a girl proposed Kant for marriage, he took time to contemplate and understand the good as well as bad side of marriage. Finally he concluded that the pros and cons are equal. He went to the girl’s house after three years to let her know that he would be unable to marry as pros and cons of marriage are same. When he knocked the door, the girl’s father opened the door and conveyed that the girl was already married and had a child.

Kant was very punctual about his time. He was so punctual that while students attend the lecture, they fixed their watch based on his entry. One day while Kant was going to college for lecture, it was raining and one of his shoe got stuck in the mud. He tried to pull it out but finally he left it and went to college. When students asked him about the other shoe, he said that he needs to be punctual so he left the shoe in road. No one would take a single shoe.

In house, Kant had a servant whom he asked to wake him up at 5 AM early morning. He ordered his servant to beat him up if he doesn’t get up. Sometimes, his waking up turned into wrestling in the room as he would beat the servant and vice versa.

As Osho mentioned, sometimes great personalities lacks common sense as they remain indulged in their own experiments or subjects. I understood that great scholars have immense power to concentrate and contemplate on their subjects without distraction. They reach the peak of success only through focus and hard work.

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