The alchemy of Ganga

The origin of Ganga is gangotri but you will be surprised to know that the exact gangotri is not what you see. You may go to visit gangotri but the gangotri, our physical body visit or experience is not the real gangotri. Osho mentioned that gangotri cannot be reached by physical body but through astral body. The gangotri is protected for thousand of years because there is a whole process of alchemy in gangotri. The water of river Ganga helped many monarchs to get rid of diseases. Even today though Ganga is polluted but still you will not get bones of dead body in Gaanga.

I read somewhere that even akbar used to have only Ganga water. The reason is Ganga water was treated and distilled thousand time that gave a special quality to the water. Though science failed to proved it before but now science also agrees that repeated distillation of water changes the quality of water. If we covert water to steam and steam to water for thousand times, it will change the Characteristics of water. This water will also help to change our attitude and ambitions as water is major part of our body. Ganga water have all the qualities and it is one of the Supreme quality water in earth. Though now due to excessive pollution, I will not encourage you to drink Ganga water without distillation.

How Ganga doesn’t stink of dead bodies

Ganga originates from Gangotri and there is a special alchemy in the water of Ganga. Ganga water was considered as one of the Supreme quality of water on earth. The Characteristics of Ganga water changed due to the alchemy and you will not find a single bone of dead body in Ganga. There are many dead bodies thrown on Ganga everyday and may be still now floating dead bodies are found but the water of Ganga can dissolve even the bone of the dead body. Ganga never stinks due to its special quality water. The water of Ganga stays forever in a bottle but if you keep water of any other river, the color of the water will change with time but the water of Ganga stays forever without foul smell or color change. That’s why Ganga is worshipped in India.

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