The rhythm of planets in our body

Every planet has a certain vibration and frequency. Scientist proved that there are trillion of sun in the universe. Our earth is born from explosion of sun and every living being is born from earth. Hence sun has a motherly connection with earth and earth has a motherly connection with us. That’s why it is said that we are born from soil and earth is a major constituent among the five elements that constitutes a material body.

Atomic explosion in sun and life on earth- Osho theory

After every eleven years, there are atomic storms or turbulence in sun and sun has a great capacity to impact or vibrate every cells of living organism on earth. Whenever there are atomic storm in Sun, there are war in earth. Every planet that revolves round the sun has a certain frequency and vibration. Each planet has a different vibration due to their nature and composition. The frequency and vibration of each planet creates a rhythm in space.  When an individual is born, this rhythm is embedded in their soul. In ancient times, one of the doctor refused to treat a patient with medicine unless he understood the rhythm of the individual. It is found that individual falls sick as soon as they falls in a different rhythm. When they are in same rhythm as they were born, they stay healthy.

There is a strong connection between earth and stars how much ever far they are. A small change in direction of sun can lead to disease in human body. River Nile has a scientific record which shows the difference in flow of water with the age of sun. Sun has ninety year cycle- the first 45 years, sun is in it’s youth while remaining 45 years sun is old. The flow of water in Nile river was more in the first 45 years of sun than in the next 45 years. The same is applicable to human. Individual born in the first 45 years of sun cycle lead a much smoother life than Individual born in the next half of the life cycle of sun.
Once sun completes it’s ninety years, the cycle again starts and sun is in it’s youth.

Reference: Astrology: superstition, blind faith or door to essential by Osho

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