The spiritual concept of time

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Time, the only factor of our existence. But we never questioned who invented time. No one knows that who created the timeframes. However, here we will discuss the spiritual concept of time.

In western world, the concept of time is linear. The west believes in one lifetime and there is only one life. Your death is the end of the world. Hence, this concept gave rise to “time is money” concept. Because every minute is precious. One needs to learn, earn and everything needs to be fast. Osho mentioned that time and money are uncomparable. There can be scarcity of money but there is no scarcity of time.

In eastern world, time is not linear. It is like a wheel and every spoke of wheel comes back again and again. It is believed that Valmiki wrote Ramayana before the birth of Rama, Rama just followed the words of Valmiki entire life.

In vedic scripture, there are so many instances of reincarnation.

Even Lord Krishna had so many reincarnations. And if you observe the sequence of avatar of Krishna, you would understand that the first avatar of Lord Krishna was Matsya avatar. The matsya avatar was the fish avatar of Lord Krishna. Then he took Kurma(tortoise) avatar and then slowly it turned to Narasimha(half man, half animal) . From Narasimha he turned to Vamana(dwarf) avatar and finally Parshuram(human) avatar. Here you can see that how evolution took place even in the avatar of Krishna. So, here if we consider the time to be circular, the same spoke of the wheel is repeated and Lord Krishna was reincarnated. He is the same Lord but born with different avatars in each phase of time. So, reincarnation is an important concept in Eastern world.

There is another story where a king went to a forest for deep meditation. One day, while he was meditating he saw a fawn drowning. He jumped into the water and saved the fawn from drowning. He took great care of the fawn and finally one day the fawn died. His meditation became a secondary factor in his life and he took care of the fawn for rest of his life. Next birth, he was born as a deer and finally in the next reincarnation, he was born as a human when he realized his mistakes of previous life. Finally, he attained salvation.

In east, you can find many instances when people realize their mistakes after several lifetimes. They are reincarnated to correct their mistake. The universe keeps on reincarnating souls for attaining the highest spiritual wisdom.

The concept of Karma arised from circular concept of time.

A linear time may not return reactions to every action. Because with linear concept of time, past will never come back and none should worry about their action as it is already past. Even in astrology it is believed that if you are a wrong doer than in Saturn dasha, she/he may need to pay the prices of each wrong doing. So, if one is earning money illegally at present, one may be bestowed with luxury and amenities now. But during Saturn dasha, one need to pay the prices in one or other way.

There is also a concept of time in vedic scripture, where it is believed that time in earth moves faster than other realms of the universe. In other realms, time moves slower, even a single year of Lord Brahma is referred as ‘Kalpa’. Every single year of Lord Brahma can be equal to 100s of years on earth.

This concept of time also lead to change in character or personality. In west, one will find that most of the people are in hurry. They are less patient but in east, people are patient. It is due to the concept of culture and traditions that impacts the personality.

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