Theory of reincarnation

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It is said that you have to take 80000 birth to be born as human. Being born as human can be one of the greatest boon of nature. But our soul can be the oldest- it can be oldest than sun and earth. The soul can be there from existence. With soul comes the theory of reincarnation. It is believe that good souls take time to reincarnate while bad souls can be born anytime. While an average soul can be born from average couple. What basically the soul wants? When a person die, the ego and desire of the mind remains in the soul. The soul is like a seed which keeps looking for a body. The body is the reaction of the soul. The soul is the action.

How soul enters womb of mother

When a couple have physical union, just below their spine, they produce an astral light. The more better they are as human, the more pure astral light is formed. If they are evil in nature, they produce an impure astral light that attracts bad souls. So, for a good soul, it needs a lot of time to be born again in this world. Especially when one soul wants to remember their past life and continue the activity of past life in present life.

State of soul after birth

With birth, the consciousness of soul is turned to subconsciousness. There will be a lot of impression of present life from the time of birth and slowly the previous life is erased from memory. For normal human it is good to not have memory of previous life. Many people wants to know their past lives but it is of no use.

Once one girl remembered his previous life and she was in dilemma with whom to live. If she should live with oldest parentbof previous life or parents in present life. Slowly her dilemma turned into madness and she became a lunatic. Our subconscious mind is nine time greater than conscious mind. .So, it is important to erase the past as we already have a lot of impression in present life from the time of our birth.

And our soul is million year old, if one remember all the life, definitely they ll turn mad.
There are several theories of reincarnation. While the west believes In one life, East believes In many lives. But the concept of life remains same- merging with the one energy. But as per west if there is only one birth then why few are born in poor or few in rich. The starting point should be same.Either all should born in rich or all in poor.

Mind body theory

Western culture also believes that the body come first and then the mind. Eastern culture believes that the mind comes first and then body. Body is the reaction of the mind. What we see may not be the first. When a couple is in physical union, their arousal rise in mind and then they act. The soul wants them to rise and they act.
So, if we contemplate,  we ourselves are the one who choose our present life. Our parents are just the medium but we choose this life. Once we realize, we will not blame anyone for miseries of life because we are the one who have choosen it.

Reference: Inspired by Osho

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