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Sun through houses for Leo ascendant

Sun through houses for Leo ascendant

The Lord of Leo is Sun and Sun in its own sign is powerful. The person will be creative, independent and confident. They are very comfortable with themselves and they know what they should do in life. As they are independent and have leadership qualities, sometimes they are egoistic and overconfident too. They feel themselves like King and loves to be treated in a royal way. Here is the detailed analysis of sun through houses for Leo ascendant

Sun in first house/ Sun in 1st house for Leo ascendant

The planet Sun is in own sign in first house for Leo ascendant. As per kalpurush Kundali, Sun is exalted in first house. Such people can have square shaped face with strong jawline. They can be very optimistic about their achievement. They are very creative and may get royal favor from government . But at the same time, they can be hot headed too. It also shows that one loves to wear jewelry. They can be proud and egoistic about themselves and may treat themselves like a king or queen. They can be devoted to children and religion in later part of life. Children may give them fame. From first house, Sun aspects the seventh house which shows that one wants others to treat them like a celebrity or king or queen. Their ego may be hurt if their wish is not fulfilled.

Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Virgo in second house which shows that one can nourish their family and wealth by their own self effort. Their life focus can be gaining from resources and gain from savings. They want to be perfectionist in their speech. Their personality develops by dealing with finance and administration. They can be calculative as well as charitable. On the other hand, they can also be critical towards family members or self critical towards themselves. They can also develop an authority over family and also on in-laws. From second house, Sun aspects the eighth house of in laws and other people which shows relationship issue with in-laws or other people.

Sun in third house/ Sun in 3rd house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Libra where it is debilitated for Leo ascendant. Their ego develops through creativity. They can also be good at innovative ideas, sales and marketing. They can also be great athlete or actors or can be interested in film industry. Their ego and confidence can suffer at early age and Sun can also spoil relationship with siblings. From third house Sun aspects the ninth house which shows ego clashes with teacher or issue with higher education

Sun in fourth house/ Sun in 4th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Scorpio in fourth house for Leo ascendant. As Sun looses its directional strength in fourth house, confidence and ego can suffer in early parts of life or during childhood. They can also go through certain transformation or changes regarding their life path or home life. Mother can be a father figure in family and can also be in occult science. Relationship with mother can go through certain changes and transformation. The individual can gain confidence through hidden knowledge, transformation, occult and mysticism. They can also beat their enemies from behind the scene and can be an intense politician. They have a secretive personality. At the same time, they will always fight to attain the comfort of home. From fourth house Sun aspects the tenth house which shows ego clashes with bosses and colleagues but eventually they will gain their confidence in workplace.

Sun in fifth house/Sun in 5th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius in fifth house for Leo ascendant. It creates a powerful rajyoga. It shows one develops their ego and confidence from higher learning, spirituality or long distance travel. They need a Guru who can show their life path. Sun in Purvashada nakshatra ruled by Venus shows that the person is very creative. In moola nakshatra, one will get a good teacher. Father can be a counsellor or teacher. They can also win court case and speculative business. As Sun aspects eleventh house of gains shows earning from higher learning. Their ego lies on higher education or income which may spoil relationship with network circle and friends.

Sun in sixth house/Sun in 6th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Capricorn in sixth house for Leo ascendant. Such individual can beat their enemies, diseases and competition. They can deal with disputes and obstacles to develop their ego. It also shows someone can be a lawyer who fights for disputes and obstacles. They can also develop their confidence by serving others or working in government sector. They can also be in executive position. As Sun is in enemy sign, ego and confidence of the individual develops after the age of 30. From sixth house Sun aspects the 12th house which shows the person may show authority over workplace like jails, MNC or hospitals.

Sun in seventh house/Sun in 7th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Aquarius in seventh house for Leo ascendant. They can be very eccentric. The native can show their ego and authority over people or partner. This can cause relationship issues. They can get huge fame which may boost their ego especially during Sun mahadasha. But they must remain humble to sustain relationship. They can also be in business field where they can attain a leadership position.

Sun in eighth house/Sun in 8th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Pisces in eighth house for Leo ascendant. They are calm, introvert and can be engaged in astrology, hidden knowledge, spirituality. They can also be interested in chemical engineering, chemistry, medicines, pharmaceutical and higher learning. It shows that their ego develops through occult and spirituality. As eighth house is the house of transformation/sudden events, it shows that ego develops after facing certain transformation and sudden events. Their father can be artist or teacher. Rahu with Sun can make situation critical. From eighth house, Sun aspects second house which shows authority over family.

Sun in ninth house/Sun in 9th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries in ninth house for Leo ascendant. They can develop their ego from higher learning/education, long distance travel and interacting with people of different ethnicity. The person may also want to take legacy of father or can be head of an institution. They always want to fight for the right thing and attain leadership. They can be very organized in terms of leadership. At the same time, they can always seek attention. Sun aspects third house from ninth house which shows authority over communication and speech. They can also be good in counselling, teaching and writing.

Sun in tenth house/Sun in 10th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Taurus in tenth house for Leo ascendant. One will develop their ego and confidence while dealing with matters related to father, career, wealth and finance. They can be in hospitality sector too. Their confidence develops through leadership role and materialistic pleasure. Creativity can also be a part of their job. It also shows ego develops lately as Sun is in a enemy sign. From tenth house Sun aspects fourth house which shows authority over mother or people of homeland.

Sun in eleventh house/Sun in 11th house for Leo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Gemini in eleventh house for Leo ascendant. They can work for social welfare or be apart of large organization and can also be great leaders, writers, authors and have different ideas of gains. They can also gain from speech. Their ego and confidence develops through gains and network circle. Sun aspects the fifth house which shows authority over children.

Sun in twelfth house/Sun in 12th house for Leo ascendant

Here Sun is in the sign of Cancer in eleventh house for Leo ascendant. They can be quite introvert but have a dynamic personality. Their ego develops with time and can find their ego in in foreign land, MNC, jails, hospitals. Father can travel a lot for work. They can have a emotional connection with father but if Sun is hemmed by malefic, it shows less connection with father. Aspect of Sun in sixth house shows authority over colleagues that can spoil the relationship,

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