Atmakaraka through houses

Atmakaraka is not your personality, money etc but it is your duty to perform in this life. When we read the sacred books, we understand that nakshatra came from Shiva, rashis came from Narayana and planetary energies came from Brahma. Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degree in your natal chart except rahu and ketu. …

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Nose length in face reading

Mars rules nose in face reading and nose rules the third house of wealth in face reading. It indicates the nature and character of the person. It also determines the sexual drive, leadership, power ego, empathy and warmth of the native. Nose also helps to know the quality of mid life of the person. Here …

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Hairline in face reading

Wide, smooth and even hairline are auspicious to vedic face reading while uneven, indented hairline are not auspicious. Below are the different forms of hairline in face reading. Even hairline People with even hairline are even minded with good temparature and can face adverse situations calmly. It also shows that the person has a happy …

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Foreign travel and more

Travelling is enchanting so most of us wants to travel. And I personally feel that every one should try to travel as it changes ones perception towards life. It gives them good memories and feelings. It enhances creativity because while we travel we activate certain houses in astrology which I will discuss later. While I …

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Sun in all houses in vedic astrology

Sun is the biggest star in the solar system. Sun in vedic astrology is malefic to some extent. But in astrology Sun is the representation of physical body, health, our soul, ego, confidence, authority, father, pride, ego, bones, happiness. Besides that, Sun is also government, authority, career, fame, success, politics. The own sign of Sun …

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