Face reading astrology

Face map based on age

Here we will discuss the parts of faces and their relationship with age. It is one of the foremost analysis in face reading and here we will analyse the positions of face that corresponds from one to hundred years. However, please note that though we will analyse the age from one to hundred years, it …

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Face categories as per width

As per vedic face reading, besides the elemental face types, faces can also be categorized as per width or narrowness. This analysis is generally conducted when people have mixed elemental categories. It helps to understand the personality of a person along with temperament. For example, if a person has an earth type face but one …

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Types of faces

As we know that there are five elements of the universe- earth, air, water, fire and ether. However, there are four basic elements that corresponds to the type of faces. Earth type faces They generally have longer or oblong shaper face or square face that are bonier, have a visible jaw line, prominent cheekbones, deep …

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