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Astrology test # 4

Birth Chart D9 Chart How will be the married life of the native? Prediction as per Birth chart Ans: First we will look at 7th house, the house of marriage. &th house is ruled by Taurus. Venus being the lord of 7th house placed in ascendant in Scorpio, which is an enemy sign, shows that …

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How to judge each house/bhava in astrology

t is an important part of analysis as weak houses can show weakness related to the activities of the house while strong houses shows strength related to the activities of the house. Before you proceed further with other divisional chart, the analysis of the houses of D1/birth chart is important.

How important are degrees in horoscope

Today we are going to read about the importance of degrees of a horoscope. Every planet in horoscope has certain degree. Degrees are very important as it helps to analyse how much strength a planet has.

Mars in cancer in all houses

Mars is our will power, ability to fight, ability to take action, aggression, courage, soldier, athlete, weapon, anger, brother, male friend, boy friend, real estate. Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign ruled by Moon. The sign represents mother, nourishment from mother. Cancer also have two and half nakshatra Pushyami, Punarvasu and Ashlesha. Here is the …

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Mars in Taurus in all houses

Mars is will power, courage, ability to take action, anger, aggression, brother, male friend, soldier, athlete, real estate. Taurus is hoarded wealth, asset, saving, finance, luxury, liquid money. Taurus is ruled by two and half nakshatra: Kritika, Rohini and Mrigashira. And Taurus lord is Venus. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Taurus in …

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Combust planet in astrology

Combust planet Combustion of a planet takes place when a planet is very close to the sun. Or if the planet is at certain degree of closeness to sun. Combustion means “burning”, so when a planet is close to sun, the sun due to its excessive heat may burn or impact the qualities of a …

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Ishta Devta in astrology

Ishta devta is the god/goddess in astrology whose worship can become extra beneficial to the person. Ishta devta is very different from kul devta. Kul devta is the only one devta which whole family worship whereas ishta devta is the devta for specific individual. Every individuaal has their own ishta devta. Ishta means cherished whereas …

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