mars in astrology

Mangalik Dosha/ Mars in marriage

Mars does not like to be called as “Kuja”, it likes to be called as Mangala. So “Mangal” or Mars in marriage can be an obstacle irrespective of its well placed or ill placed placement.

Mars in Pisces in all houses

Mars is our will power, action, courage, ability to fight, aggression, anger, accident, weapons, athlete, real estate, soldiers, male friends etc. Jupiter rules the twelfth zodiac sign Pisces in astrology . Pisces represents spirituality, imagination, isolation, foreign place, hidden talents, working behind the scenes, other dimension etc. Pisces consist of two and half nakshatra- Purva-Bhadrapada, …

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Mars in Scorpio in all houses

The native wants to dig deep into occult and mysticism. The native with mars in Scorpio shows extensive research in different field.

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