mercury in different houses

Mercury in Sagittarius in all houses

The person loves to share more knowledge and information. They are communicative about religion and philosophy so they can be teacher, religious gurus and preachers. They are forever teacher and students who gains lot of knowledge. The person loves to travel and communicate with people of different ethnicity.

Mercury in Scorpio in all houses

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio can give interest in occult, mysticism. Scorpio is the sign of occult and mercury is curious to know about occult. Mercury can collect a lot of information in occult and can research in occult and mysticism. So the person can be a god astrologer and occultist as mercury is the significator of astrology.

Mercury in Gemini in all houses

These people are communicative. They know to speak the right thing in right time. They are articulate in communication. They have

Mercury in Taurus in all houses

The native earns from foreign land. S/he can be in any financial banking institution/ MNC in foreign land. The native puts his effort and communication to earn from large organization.

Mercury in all houses

In vedic astrology, Mercury also known as “buddhi” is the karaka of communication. Mercury represents analytical intelligence, speech, marketing and communication, business, trade, tongue, writing, reading, memory, drama , acting, skills of hands. Mercury is the prince and messenger who loves to communicate and circulate information. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in all …

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