Soul transfer and existence

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved If we believe in theory of reincarnation, there can be instances when the planet earth can be destroyed and all of us die. Then where all the souls will go? If all die, there will be no womb for rebirth.Here we should not forget that the universe in …

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Size of ears in face reading

Ears plays an important part in face reading. It indicates ones childhood, dreams and ideologies as ear indicates age from 1 to 14. Study of ear also determines the personality of the individual. As ear resembles the shape of the foetus, the nourishment and  care of the individual during childhood can also be determined by …

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Sun in gemini in astrology

In vedic astrology, sun represents career and soul, and gemini is the sign of communication, business ruled by mercury. Sun in gemini shows that the person will be communicative and in his career he deals with lot of communication. Communication becomes an integral part of life. The individual with sun in gemini loves to talk …

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Sun in Sagittarius in astrology

In vedic astrology sun in sagittarius can make one preacher or teacher. Those people feel that they have all the knowledge and wisdom of the world. They love to guide others with their divine knowledge and most of them love to be university professors if sun is well placed. The person sometimes feel overconfident about …

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