Be sad for three days and you will be surprised

Sadness becomes a habit, a pattern of mind when you are sad for no reason. You don’t need to put effort to be sad for no reason. Anytime, One can be sad. A sad person can make anyone sad. Osho said that if one feels that one always remain sad in life for no or minor reasons and want to overcome it then there is a way. You need to be consciously, consistently and persistently sad for three continous days. Even if one smile during those three days, one should feel guilty. If a ray of excitement or happiness comes, one should feel why to feel happy. When one is consciously sad for three days, one can accept the sad mood. Acceptance of feeling helps to transcend the feeling.   Osho said that all feelings are important. If one is sad, one should not try to escape it rather one should accept and transcend it.

Ego and egolessness

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