Building relationship and astrology

Building relationship is one of the important traits of human personality. The key to happiness is good relationships rather than excessive material possession. Research shows that people who have good relationship have more longevity and growth in life compared to people who suffer from loneliness.

India is a land where the concept of joint family is continuing since long. With the western culture influence, the concept of a happy family changed to nuclear. When a child is born, the child connects him or herself with nature, surrounding etc. Swami Mukundananda in one of his book said that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Once a child starts growing, s/he starts to build relationship with nature as well as people around.This will be the stepping stone for building relationship for the child.

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While growing he understands that not every relationship is same. Once s/he come across friends or acquaintances, he learns to draw boundaries in relationship. Even drawing boundary and saying no is also important in professional or personal relationship. On the other hand, research on loneliness shows that people suffer from anxiety and depression.

Humans are all about emotions. So bottling up emotions and not sharing with anyone can result in adverse effects like alcohol, addictions etc. It is also seen that broken families lacks happiness which inturn impact the child. This can also result in behavioural issues in adulthood. Building relationship can also be done with household chores like planting trees, gardening etc.

In astrology also, the fundamentals are same. When a benefic planet is in fourth house, it shows good surrounding, childhood and old age. It also shows that one will have good relatives and surrounding people. As the benefic planet from fourth aspect the tenth house, it shows one can have good growth in career. Generally when there is combination of benefic in fourth house in same or friendly sign, it will give more good result.That’s how sometimes destiny meets science.

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