Can character give rise to consciousness

Character is considered to be one of the important aspect of our personality. Osho said that when we were born ,we were born as a blank sheet. There was no question of character during our birth. Our character is created by the society, parents, teachers etc. As adults, we are a blend of emotions that defines our character. There is turmoil, greed, lust, anger, anxiety etc.- all are part of our character.  Our character is like the periphery of our personality. It is like the outer edge of our personality. So, if we try to change ourselves, we cannot change it from the periphery but from the center. Osho compared character and consciousness to the sea. On the periphery we can see thousand of waves but the center of the sea is totally calm and tranquil. The waves are like the character which is always moving but the calmness and tranquility of sea is like the consciousness. Osho said that the difference between us and Buddha is not the character, it is not the difference between virtue and non virtue but the difference where we are grounded. We are grounded on the periphery and Buddha is grounded in the center. So we have to change ourselves not from periphery but from the center. Our attention should shift from edge to center. When our attention is at center, we would merge with the unchangable. One will find themselves extremely calm and blissful.

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