Cats or Kittens in dream

Multiple cat in dream shows that something is about to change in life. Cats are generally survivors. They fight with each other before giving up in their challenging times. It shows that in our challenging time, we must resolve the problems. The dream is an indication to resolve the problems in real life. Multiple cat in dream suggest that the energies around you is in sync with each other. If several cats are working towards a common goal in dream shows that one must unite together to accomplish their work. Dream of kitten and cats in dream indicates the need to nurture and nourish your real life. Dream of litters of kitten indicates something new is going to start in life. To see many cats attacking and biting you indicates fear and anger within you. The dream can also indicate you are bothered by the problems in real life and you must take action on the same. The dream also indicates that you are looking for companionship in life. Aggressive cats in dream can mean danger while adorable cats can indicate comfort and gentleness

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