Why your child is not genius

Nowadays Parents generally want an obedient child rather than a rebellious child. A child is good only when he or she listen to parents and society. On the other hand, Parents feel that if they do not condition the child, the child would be completely unaware about social norms and behaviour. But parents must understand that if they do anything wrong from their part, they may destroy humanity.Osho said that conditioning is one of the biggest factor that restricts growth of child. An obedient child will always listen to parents while a rebellious child listens to none. Everyone starts condemning a child when he or she doesn’t listen. A rebellious child is far more intelligent than an obedient child. Osho said that parental conditioning is the greatest slavery of the world. It doesn’t allow a child to grow with his or her individuality. The conditioning becomes an external layer to the individuality of the child. Only a child who can escape the conditioning process can be genius. Osho also said that to be a genius one needs to grow for many lives. It is impossible to grow into a genius in one lifetime . But a person can be talented in one lifetime. Talent goes off with time as it is the outcome of skills. If you are not in touch with your skill, the talent goes off.

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