Crab in dream- dream meaning

Water is a symbol of peace and tranquility. However dream of crab shows that you can feel direction less in life. It is the indication of restlessness. If the crab is chasing you in ocean, the dream indicates that you should explore your subconscious mind.  The dream can also suggest that you should settle down in life.  If a crab bite you in dream shows that you should move forward in life and let go of past baggage. If a crab move fast in dream shows you need to explore new direction in life. If a crab pinched you then it shows that you are resistant to changes in real life. Red crab in dream can also indicate anger and passion within you. Dream of brown crab indicates positive growth in life. White crab can show peaceful growth in waking life in near future. Catching crab in dream through net indicates you will overcome the obstacles in real life. If the dreamer becomes a crab in dream, it shows in real life, one needs to protect yourself.

As crab has a thick shell which indicates protection, the dream of crab can be considered a good omen. The crab is also the symbol of change. As crab moves in sideward direction, it is an indication that you need to alter your steps in life. If you see crab on beach, it indicates fresh start or change.

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