Dog attacking you in dream

Dog attacking in dream indicates that there is a need for personal growth and you are resistant to change. The dog attack bites in dream indicates you have to grow up in relationship. If you have a family or friendship problem then this type of dream is quite common. Dog teeth in dream indicates suffering. If you are cheating anyone in relationship then you must stop it. The dream also indicates that you can face an unpleasant situation in life. It can also indicate wild trait of your personality. If you are bitten by dog in leg then it indicates that you need to take control of real life. If you see someone else bitten by dog indicates betrayal. Being attacked by a pack of dogs indicates that you can experience a few set back in personal and professional life. Killing dog in dream indicates ruined relationship in real life. As dog is a friendly animal, killing dog shows loosing love and respect in real life. Chased by dog indicates that you took someone trust for granted in real life.

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