Dream of money

Dream of finding money

Money is always valued in life. It is useful. Dream of finding money shows that something of value may come to your real life. Dream of finding paper money or coins shows that material gain in real life. It can also shows growth in spirituality, wisdom and life pursuits. Finding coins in dream shows gaining something unexpectedly in real life. Piles of coin in dream shows that no one can cheat you. Gold coin in dream shows that happiness and satisfaction. It also indicates good decision skills and overall positive health in real life. Picking money from ground indicates that One should be grounded in life. If money is floating in your dream shows that other may seek advice from you in real life.

Spending money in dream

Spending money in dream shows that you may be planning to achieve a big goal in life. It can also show that in real life you are hesitating to spend money you don’t have. It can also indicate that you missed an opportunity in real life. The dream can also indicate that your irresponsibility can impact you in real life. Spending money in dream can also indicate that you are wasting energy in irrelevant things or people in real life. In real life, you should cut off the extra expenses and should not waste life on irrelevant things. Spending money in dream is an indication to stop any reckless behavior of life. Leading a disciplined life with strong hold in extra expenses can be the final indication of the dream.

Stealing money in dream

Stealing in dream suggests your urge for more power and control in real life. It can also indicate that something important is taken from you in waking life. Stealing money in dream can indicate career risk in waking life. It shows that one should be careful while choosing their career. You can also experience relationship issues in near future. If you are stealing money from your parents, it indicates that your parents are facing troubles or hardship in real life.If you are robbed in dream, it indicates someone taking advantage of you in real life. If you steal groceries or things in dream, it indicates that your privacy is taken away or hampered in real life. Stealing in dream can also shows past trauma experiences of real life.If your money is stolen, it indicates negative experiences in real life.

Coins in dream

Coins in dream is an indication of health and wealth of person in dream. Gold coins in dream can indicate success in workplace in real life. It can indicate promotion or salary increment in real life. silver coin symbolizes spiritual enhancement in life. Copper coins shows physical and mental healing. Old coins in dream indicates old goals that needs to be achieved. Dreaming group of coin symbolizes authority in real life. Coins tossed in river or wishing well shows decision and mistake in life. Dream of fake coin shows that one may suffer from particular infection. Swallowing coin shows that one should not chase behind material gains too much.

Receiving money in dream

Dream of receiving money shows your inner confidence, power and values of life. The dream is a positive omen from the universe. If you know the person giving you money then the dream indicates that you are feeling others are ignoring you in real life. If you do not know the person giving you money then it indicates that the universe may soon gift you something special in real life. Receiving an amount of money in dream also indicates that you will receive award and recognition in real life. Receiving coins in dream indicates that the universe is blessing you for a successful life. Receiving gold in dream indicates that you will soon gain success in life.

Dream of lots of money

Dreaming lots of money is a positive omen. Money is useful in life so dreaming of money is a positive omen. The dream of lots of money shows that you are getting the result of good work. It also shows your progress in real life. The dream is an indication of change and happiness. Dream of bank notes and paper money shows that others will help you in real life. Unexpected situation can also arise in real life. The currency in dream also gives an indication of real life. The dream of dollars shows that you should take care of expenses in real life. The dream or Australian dollar shows that someone may contact you from far abroad. Dream of British pound shows that you should not be a spendthrift in real life. Counting your own money shows success in near future. Counting others money shows that you may be forced to search for a better opportunity in workplace. Torn money shows unpredictable events and surprises in real life.

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