End mind game and find consciousness

Human minds are one of the most complicated thought process. The mind has the capability to absorb every little things around you. One may be consciously unaware but subconsciously mind can absorb all things around you. Because mind is empty. It is like a soap bubble if one pricks it, one will find only emptiness. Osho said that mind is an illusion. Though it is absent but still it seeks it’s presence. One just feels that one have a mind and one is the master of the mind. In reality, the mind is deceiving you. You are the slave and mind is the master. Mind is utilizing you in every single way by it’s gush of emotions. That’s why mind is known as an illusion or maya. Osho said that you can be the master of the mind only when you are empty within. You can use the mind only when you are separate from it. Osho said that mind is the one where all our tradition, culture, identity etc are embedded. It is the periphery of your individuality while you will find consciousness only at the centre. Consciousness is the nature of every individual while mind is just a social byproduct

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