Eyes Spacing in face reading

Eyes plays an important role in face reading. Here we will discuss eyes spacing in face reading and how the color of eyes especially iris impacts the personality of the native.

Widely spaced eyes

If there are more than one vertical gap between the eyes, it creates widely spaced eyes. These people are indifferent of their behavior and not concerned about their surroundings. They have their own way of leading life and are slow decision makers. They are also procrastinator.

Very closely spaced eyes

If there is very less gap between left and right eye, it forms closely spaced eye. They are narrow minded, short tempered, intolerant and expect more from people. They are always unsatisfied due to their high expectations from others. At the same time, they are focused but need encouragement from others while working under pressure.

Perfectly spaced eyes

The most auspicious eyes are the eyes that are not too widely spaced or closely spaced. People with perfectly spaced eyes have balanced temperament and judgements. They donot work in extreme situations and are also not prone to mood swings.

Color of the eyes

The color of the eyes are important in determining the nature and personality of an individual. The details are given below.

Dark brown iris

Dark brown iris shows that the person suffers from superiority complex. They are individual with strong character and determination. Men with such eyes are generous and warm. They are also very committed in relationship and love their family. At the same time, they also love to provide comfort to their family.

If their partner also have the same nature, it will be a happy family.It also shows higher knowledge and intellect. They are hardworking but needs reward and recognition though they can wait for it for a long time. However, they should not be taken advantage by others. Children with dark brown eyes have ego but are friendly and playful by nature. They are obedient and thoughtful. They have their own way of working for better result.

Light brown eyes

They are similar to dark brown eyes and have high superiority level. They are loyal and committed to partner. Any kind of separation from partner impacts those people in emotional level. However,they have the ability to move on from unhappy relationship. Women with such eyes are abrupt, blunt and are also more loyal to dark brown eyed man.

Deep blue eyes

People with deep blue eyes are sexual in nature. Women wants to look beautiful, sexy and can be great asset in modelling and acting. Both men and women are extremely sexual,caring and well behaved.

Light blue eyes

They are fun loving, outgoing and very sexual. Women with light blue eyes are more friendly. Both men and women can be flirty in nature and are not well mannered.

Grey blue eyes

They are sexual and well behaved.

Deep green eyes

They are sexual, imaginative, creative and talented.

Light green eyes

They are intellectual, practical but sometimes can be difficult to deal with.

Black eyes

Women with black eyes can be rigid and can be difficult to deal with. People with black eyes can be narrow minded, orthodox and are not competitive in nature. They also remain content with their profession with no involvement in worldly affairs.

Grey eyes

People with grey eyes can be dominant as well as conservative in nature.

Hazel eyes

They are very warm and humorous. Either their mental or physical side are dominant. They like to lead a luxurious life and are not attached to the family. At the same time, they always choose their career over relationship as they are involved in worldly desires.

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