First step to transform yourself

Once you embark on a spiritual journey, there are different steps to transform yourself. Osho said that the first step to transform yourself is to express anger. Expressing your anger doesn’t mean throwing your anger on someone. When you are angry, you are already furious. At that moment, you cannot express yourself totally. Anger is like a mental vomit. You want to throw all your aggression within you. To throw your anger, you need to be aware and watchful. Donot try to control your anger. Go for a long walk , do a little jogging, Fight with a pillow and check if the anger is released. Osho said that anger is beautiful but it can turn ugly if one suppress anger. Condemnation never helps a person to grow. Suppressing and controlling anger will not help the anger energy to transform into a more valuable energy. Only expressing anger can transform the same energy into compassion. Osho said that anger is beautiful and it is much needed in life. A child claims his or her presence through anger. Anger should not be condemned but can be transformed into a more divine form. That will be the first step of transformation in a spiritual journey .

Ego and egolessness

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