How Astrology lost it’s importance

Astrology is a vast and ancient subject. But with time, the subject lost its importance. In many ancient university, astrology was a core subject but now everyone wants fact check and scientific knowledge. Astrology cannot prove that an incident is bound to happen in future but science can. Science deals with innovation but it is also true that what is innovated today can be overruled tomorrow. In astrology, there is no new theory as it is an ancient subject. Nowadays when a child is born, many parents become curious to know the future of their children. Marriage, employment, jobs related questions are common in astrology. But is it the sole purpose of astrology? Is it the only job of an astrologer that s/he should tell the future of an individual.

Importance of astrology

Osho states in his book” Astrology: superstition, blind faith or door to essential?” that there are three main parts of astrology- essential, semi essential and non essential. The essential part of astrology comprises of all the details which cannot be changed. And the question that falls in essential part of astrology is to understand the purpose of life. No one consult an astrologer to understand their soul, the purpose of the soul.

The semi-essential part deals with birth and death. Once we understand the birth and death of an individual, we can have some choices in life and we can act accordingly for better transformation. The questions about employment, future, marriage are all non essential part of astrology and nowadays astrology deals with these questions. So nowadays astrology lost it’s importance.

Osho stated in his book that to understand astrology, one must drop their ego. Ego and astrology cannot be together. The questions asked in astrology are mainly to satisfy the ego of an individual. Those are non essential part of astrology.

Osho mentioned that the whole world is a wholesome entity. The past, present and future are always connected in this universe. It is like we are standing in a cross road where four directions meet. Buddha, the enlightened soul bowed down to earth with gratification for blessing him with blissfulness. He said that without the support of universe, it would have been impossible for him to attain enlightment. He bowed down to all the past and future buddhas as he was the connecting point between past and future. Likewise we all are connected to our past and future. The future is predestined but our present gives us freedom to react to the actions in a better way for better transformation in near future.

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