How civilization transformed from hunting to cultivation #Osho

In ancient days, men used to hunt for food. Hunting was the only occupation of men. There was no technology where food can be stored. The only means of survival for human was hunting. During those days, women never used to go for hunting as they were pregnant most of the times. They stayed back and took care of home. While they had all the time, they used to watch how the wild fruits grow, how the crops died every year. They watched how the seeds of the crop gave rise to new plant, how rain played the part in growth of crops. Women started experimenting edible and non edible food. Slowly she discovered the process of cultivation. As hunting was challenging, men agreed with women to grow crops and cultivate. They understood with cultivation they can grow more crops and vegetables. There will be no scarcity of food. The barter system started after cultivation. That’s how the civilization transformed from hunting to cultivation

Dream of seeing people from past
You can dream of anyone from past. It can be your friend, coworker or boss. The dream indicates past unresolved issues in relationship.

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