How marriage came into existence

The concept of marriage is not natural. You will be surprised to know that the concept of marriage came into existence due to the question of inheritance of property. Earlier polygamy was Prevalent and there was no word “father” in world. The word “uncle” was far more ancient than father.  People loved, women reproduced and there was no monopoly. Men and women loved each other. There were no legal contract, no compulsion, everything was out of the free will. There was no question of domination. Everything was organic. But slowly strong people who have more physical power started acquiring more grounds than weak people.
During those times, people felt that their property should be inherited by their blood line only. As inheritance of property by any other person made them poorer. This lead to the invention of marriage and the purpose of marriage was solely economical. Marriage gave rise to monogamy. The concept of monogamy suppressed women across the world. women were imprisoned within four walls. They were enslaved further with the concept. The concept went to such an extent that women became a baby producing machine. In China women were treated like a body without soul. Education was not given to women because women would realize their potential, religion and scriptures are still male dominated. All those concept were very strategic. The purpose was same for all the strategies-  to understand who is the father of the child.

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