How to listen

Listening is an art. It is one of the greatest quality but when to listen from mind and when to listen from heart? listen from mind only when you want to gather knowledge. Minds are like biocomputers. The mind absorb all the things around you. But remember that mind is vulnerable. When you are gaining knowledge at the same time, you are being influenced, you are being conditioned. Listening from mind is important in professional life as you can question the knowledge. You can question what you listened.Listening through heart needs no question. It is like reading a poetry. You never question a poetry, you read and enjoy it. Listen from heart only when you want to connect with the other person. You do not want to question that person. Then it will be like a free flowing river between both of you. When you are not looking to gather knowledge, when you are not looking to be argumentative, then listen from heart. But remember listening through heart needs trust. You must trust the other person. Trust creates a depth in relationship. And When you listen with depth and profoundness you never question… you listen from heart.Osho saidIf you come with a mind, you will go with a bigger mind. If you come with a no-mind, you will go with a bigger no-mind.

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