How to witness life

Life is an experiment and as they say “Life is a  game”. Ecstasy and sadness are part of life. When you are joyful and ecstatic, you immerse yourself within the moment. You feel wonderful even if you are alone but Once the excitement is over, boredom arrives. In sadness, there is no excitement but awareness. You become aware when you are alone. Even if you are bored, you are aware that you are alone. But how to get rid of the boredom? Witnessing life is the best way to get rid of boredom. When you immerse yourself in joy or pain, boredom arrives after a stretch of time. But when you witness life from a distance without immersing yourself then you get the real taste of life. Witnessing can also help you to watch the boredom. Once you start witnessing, you will find  a distance between sadness, happiness, ecstasy and boredom. You become aware and meditative.

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