How women are proficient than men

women are proficient in most of the activities than men since ages. In ancient days, men used to hunt for food. Hunting was the only occupation of men. There was no technology where food can be stored. The only mode of survival for human was hunting. While women never used to go for hunting as they were pregnant most of the times. They stayed back and took care of home. They arranged and organized the living space. They made the living space more beautiful. Still now ” a house is a home only when there is a woman.” If you go to a bachelor home, you will understand that no women is there to take care of the household chores. The bachelor home is not a home.  It is only the place to sleep. The attachment of woman towards home make them more earthly and charming. She cultivated the values of home in heart and mind. You will not find any women writing scripture but they are more intimate towards home, garden. They want beautiful home and garden. Women loves cozy comfortable places and it is their innate nature. She has the capability to transform a dead house into a living one.

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