Humility and Pride

To the pleasure of my supremely beloved


It is always said that pride is the core reason of destruction. Among the shadripus that destroy the purity of human mind, pride is one among them. Nowadays, the game of shad ripu is frequent in daily life in the world. When one is proud of their children, one is proud of their family. One is proud of their parents while one is proud of their great grandparents. It is often seen that pride is also related to the so called “status” in society. Someone can take pride that their great grandfather was a great politicians. If we seek the purpose of pride, doesn’t it include insecurity too? The sense of Pride may come from insecurity/ fear, the subconscious weakness of a person. However, people can definitely become haughty with pride.

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But if we foresee we are mere puppets in the hands of God, so lead a life with humility. Rabindranath Tagore said that Humility can make you close to great. Rabindranath Tagore is a great poet and noble prize winner. He is a legend but still he believed on humility.

When someone around praises you, you may feel really great and you may even feel that you are wonderful. But if you can surrender those praises to the feet of the Supreme, you will feel happy and humble. How much ever success we attain, we must remember that our every act of motivation is due to the Supreme. Every act we do is due to the Supreme. Every challenges we face is to evolve spiritually. There is no place of pride in life when we understand the inevitable truth of life- the truth of humility.

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