Killing snake in dream- dream meaning

Killing snake in dream indicates that you may undergo certain transformation in real life. It can be physical, emotional or spiritual transformation. Death of snake indicates beginning of a new era. Snake being killed by someone indicates your urge for power in real life. The dream can indicate you may be feeling helpless in real life. If you are walking over the snakes and killing them in dream then it indicates you can change your own vision and destiny in real life. Killing baby snake indicates that you should not be a spendthrift in real life. Cutting snake in half and killing indicates that you should act wisely in social life. Killing a black snake in dream that you can overcome all the difficulties in near future in real life. Killing more than one or two snake indicates that in real life, you should be aware of the hostile people or enemies around you. Walking over snakes without killing in dream indicates that you will get justice un any situations.Though snake indicates marriage, money etc but above All it indicates deception and completion. Snake is also related to spirituality. Killing green snake indicates that you need to nourish your energy. Killing dark green snake indicates people will hide something from you in real life. Killing light green snake indicates that you will be damn spirited due to external forces in real life. Killing red snake in dream indicates that you must be aware in real life. Dream of dog killing snake indicates protection towards others in real life

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